Proia Comunicaciones integradas


What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand.


To train is to grow

We provide training in those topics related to improving Communication from Companies to Consumers, and to achieve a better Customer Experience and Excellence in Service.

We design, train and support teams to develop their full potential.

In-house training, also in our own spaces, and live online events.

Areas where we

Customer Experience

We help to implement customer-centric models, so that unique and memorable experiences are achieved at every customer service point of contact.


We use the principles of semiotics together with traditional market research techniques, aligning the brand identity with its image and its action context.


We use semiotatistics to analyse the discourse of all kinds of sources of expression, such as consumers, influencers or opinion leaders, to determine key points to achieve more efficient and effective messages.

Cultural Studies

We combine semiotics with traditional market research tools to calibrate and adapt communication pieces and concepts to different languages and communicational contexts.

Types of training we offer

Training in Customer Experience:

  • Orientation for teams and areas under the Customer Centric Model.
  • Contact Centers: Active Listening, Connection and Tuning with the words and tones the customer needs in telephone, personal and Social Media support (sales and/or post-sales).
  • Complaints: Identification of customer type, handling of difficult cases.
  • Writing workshops for Social Media: how to write in an empathetic and effective way.
  • NPS good practices workshop
  • Workshops for the definition of Customer Journey

Training in communication tools:

  • Workshops for the optimization of communication in multiple channels (alignment and messages by channel).
  • Negotiation and sales closing workshop.
  • Management tools for bosses and managers: communication, delegation, remote and on-site work organization, feedback, leadership and team motivation.
  • Inter-area workshops to improve communication and internal work processes.
  • Team building activities for motivation and leadership.

Training events:

Photography Workshop for Companies: photography becomes an excuse to go through their techniques and work objectives and team approaches. (+info) Virtual or face to face mode.

Team Photographic Experience: photographic outing or trip with a team or area to reinforce concepts and group work modes.


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