“Háblame despacio que tengo prisa”

Talk to me slowly, I´m in a hurry”

“Talk to me slowly, I´m in a hurry” could be a very good slogan today in customer service.

The customer needs to be spoken to in a calm tone and that we repeat any information necessary to do what they came to do as quickly as possible.

TIME TO UNDERSTAND AND EXPLAIN: Today it is more important than ever to focus our attention to a customer when they talk or write to us; and also that we reply patiently and calmly to each of their enquiries.

It is a context where they are learning safety and hygiene standards, they are learning to buy online, they can be nervous for being long hours at home, and they can also get anxious when going out for shopping or to run an errand. They can be unfocussed, look uninterested (which can be misinterpreted as being angry); therefore, time is important to understand and explain in a clear way what they need.

DEAL WITH IT QUICKLY: The customer has become very pragmatic and wants to go into and out of a store as quickly as possible to reduce any risks.

To understand each other and be assertive in the communication from the very beginning makes the process quicker and more efficient, thus turning it into a new positive customer experience.

“Háblame despacio que tengo prisa”