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Market Research

Innovative and idea-oriented studies designed according to the client's needs


More than just data

We recommend practical, accurate, and realistic research models that will help their customers make decisions and continue improving their products, services, and channels.

Our surveys and focus groups are designed to apply the appropriate techniques and make the information collected useful for management purposes.

Areas for applying

Customer Experience

We help to implement customer-centric models, so that unique and memorable experiences are achieved at every customer service point of contact.


We use the principles of semiotics together with traditional market research techniques, aligning the brand identity with its image and its action context.


We use semiotatistics to analyse the discourse of all kinds of sources of expression, such as consumers, influencers or opinion leaders, to determine key points to achieve more efficient and effective messages.

Cultural Studies

We combine semiotics with traditional market research tools to calibrate and adapt communication pieces and concepts to different languages and communicational contexts.

Research Services

Types of surveys carried out:

  • Customer Satisfaction and Experience.
  • Audit of Call Centers, e-mails, and social media.
  • Mystery Shopper in sales and after-sales customer service (face-to-face, telephone and online).
  • Brand image and positioning
  • Pre and Post Testing in Advertising, calibration of brief and pieces of communication
  • Concept test of new products and services
  • Work Environment
  • Internal Customer

Techniques used:

  • Focus Groupsand mini Focus Groups
  • Qualitative interviewing
  • Ethnographic interviewing
  • Interviews to opinion leaders/referents of sectors
  • In-person and telephone interviews
  • Online interviews
  • Interviews for mobile technology (tablets, smartphones)
  • QR interviews

Combined Techniques

  • Semiotic Analysis
  • Semiostatistics
  • Processing open-ended questions from extensive surveys
  • Linguistic segmentation
  • Detection of particular words and tones of customers, segments, regions, countries (language boundary maps)
  • Text mining

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