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In tough times empathy is good

Face-to-face, telephone, and social media customer service staff today face the challenge to deal with a customer who is mainly sensitive and worried. More than ever it is necessary for them to talk, empathize to retain the customer and provide an effective service. This kind of service is possible when the operator also finds good communication and empathy within the organization. We are aware that it is difficult to provide external customers with what internal customers do not have.

In times of social sensitivity, customers need more than ever an empathic customer service provided by Companies. In turn, nowadays our customer service staff also require Companies to provide the front office with tools, resources, support, and containment. Motivation, active listening regarding the sector´s needs become essential and strategic actions.

We can reinforce (both within the Company and towards the customer) the 5 points consumers request with very clear words when we ask them what they expect from Customer Service, and this surprisingly coincides with the staff´s expectations stated in the work environment surveys when they are asked what they expect from their company:

  • That they treat me well.
  • That I´m not treated like a number.
  • That they do not reply to me like a robot (it refers to “set phrases” or automatic responses).
  • That I´m LISTENED TO.
  • That they show willingness to help me solve my problem.


80% of “angry” customers softens their speech when they find a “friendly hand” to solve their problem. This trust contributes to a large extent to the resolution of the problem because the customer is more collaborative and tolerant. Likewise, a positive end of a conversation is a powerful stimulus for the motivation of customer service staff. All the tools aimed at reducing the level of conflict, controlling the conversation, and opening a channel of dialogue promote a circle of positive experience that benefits the customer, the staff, and of course the Company for their sales, retention and customer loyalty indicators.